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Redeeming Mileage Reminders when Redeeming Mileage

"Mileage Reinstatement Service" for Unused Awards

After application for the award has been completed*1 the mileage*2 used for the award can only be reinstated for totally unused award by paying the applicable fee. Any mileage returned must go into the same JMB account from which it was redeemed.

Refundable awards Refund charge*3 Validity of reinstated mileage
UnusedAward tickets*4*5*6*7 3,100 miles or local currency equivalent of ¥3,100 The original validity period*2 applies
Upgrade awards *5 No refund charge
  • *1 Indicates that all flight sectors reservation for award tickets and upgrade awards are confirmed.
  • *2 Mileage cannot be returned if it is expired at the time of the reinstatement request.
  • *3 One handling fee will be charged for each award.
  • *4 Please cancel your reservation before the departure of the first flight sector of your itinerary, otherwise your award ticket will no longer be valid for mileage reinstatement. After the cancellation is competed, apply for this service through the JMB Center.
  • *5 Please contact the JMB Center of your region for refund of Partner Airlines Award Tickets,
    oneworld Award Tickets and JAL International Upgrade Awards. Refunds for JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Tickets and JAL International Award Tickets can also be requested from the JAL website.
    When using the JAL website, different award tickets have different request deadlines. JAL Group Airlines Domestic Award Tickets can be refunded up to 15 minutes prior to the departure of the first flight sector in your booked itinerary. JAL International Award Tickets can be refunded up to 23:59 (Pacific time) of the day prior to the departure of your first flight sector.
  • *6 Mileage cannot be reinstated when travel has been completed for an airline ticket that was purchased at JMB one-way fares to be used together with a one-way international award ticket.
  • *7 Although mileage cannot be reinstated for partially used award tickets, requests for a refund of airport taxes, fuel surcharges, insurance surcharges, and other charges will be accepted by paying the refund charge. Please note that payments made by JAL Coupons or e JAL Points are nonrefundable.
    For such refund requests, if the required mileage for the flown flight sectors exceeds the mileage deducted for the award ticket, the difference may be adjusted on your account accordingly.
  • The award should be within its validity when the refund service is applied for and should be sent to the JMB Center.
  • Members are responsible for the mailing costs of documents sent to the JMB Center.
  • We cannot refund Ticketing Service Fees and delivery fees.

Changes to Awards

Please refer to the individual award section for more information about acceptable change.
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