Redeeming Mileage Limousine Service Certificate Awards

Eligible Routes

The certificate can be used for the following services:
New York area: Limousine service between JFK International Airport and five boroughs /Westchester/Long Island/Connecticut/New Jersey) provided by Hinomaru Limousine Enterprises Inc.
Los Angeles area: Limousine service between Los Angeles International Airport and its surrounding area provided by Japan Executive Limousine Inc.

Required Mileage

JMB Limousine Service Certificates, valued at US$100 (4 US$25 Certificates) 15,000 miles
  • * No change in either cash or mileage will be given if the value of the service is less than the face value of the certificates. If the value of the service exceeds face value of the certificates, you must pay the difference.


The award certificate is valid for six (6) months from the date mileage is deducted (the date the award is issued).

How to Request and Receive Limousine Service Certificate Awards

To request awards, please call the JMB Center.
For other details regarding how to request and receive award, click here

Changes to Limousine Service Certificate Awards

Limousine Service Certificate Awards are not refundable
Once mileage is redeemed, exchanging awards and mileage/cash refunds are not permitted regardless of whether or not you have received the Limousine Service Certificate or used them.

How to use Limousine Service Certificate Awards

To use Limousine Certificate, please contact the limousine company to make reservations after the certificate is received.

  • * Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before your desired pick-up time.
  • * Mention that you will be using JMB Limousine Service Certificates.
  • * Fares, service area and conditions of the limousine service as stipulated by the limousine company shall apply. Please confirm at the time of reservation.

New York area:
Hinomaru Limousine Enterprises Inc.: 1-800-244-8914, 212-465-9001
Los Angeles area:
Japan Executive Limousine Inc. 1-800-585-4666, 310-329-2229

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