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Canada/ Vancouver Region (Offers from Participating Companies)

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Pappas Furs Designers (Vancouver, BC)
Silk Weaving Studio (Vancouver, BC)
INKARY (Vancouver, BC)
Mia Bella Boutique (Vancouver, BC)
Beadworks (Vancouver, BC / Edmonton, AB / Calgary, AB)
O.K. Gift Shop (Vancouver, BC / Banff, BC)
MAKE (Vancouver, BC)
Blue Seas Gallery (Vancouver, BC)
Orizee Natural Skin Care (Vancouver, BC)
Kids Market (Vancouver, BC)
Edible Canada (Vancouver, BC)
Artisan Sake Maker (Vancouver, BC)
La Chocolaterie (Richmond, BC)
Republica Coffee Roasters (Fort Langley, BC)
Pan Pacific Nissan (Richmond, BC / Surrey, BC)
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