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JE - Japan Executive Limousine, Inc.

Commitment to Excellence
Since 1989, Japan Executive Limousine, Inc. has been providing exclusive limousine service in Southern California. Our devoted commitment to excellence has helped us earn the trust and confidence of our customers.

Calculating mileage

US$1=1 mile*

*Miles are calculated based on the fare only (i.e. not including the surcharges, tolls, tip, or other fees).

Mileage accumulation date

Please allow up to 3 months for your miles to be credited to your account.


  1. Coupons are not eligible for mileage accrual.
  2. Advanced reservation is required. Please provide your name and JMB number at the time the reservation is made.
  3. Mileage will be accrued only to the JMB member who actually purchases the service and whose name and JMB number appear on the Reservation Confirmation and/or Invoice.
  4. Mileage may not be credited after the date of qualifying activity/service.

For details and inquiries

Japan Executive Limousine, Inc.
Tel: 1-800-585-4666

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