Real Estate

You earn miles by the services offered by JMB partner companies.
When using the service, please provide your JMB membership number for mileage accual.

  • *Any services at discounted prices will not be eligible for mileage accual.
  • *Retroactive mileage credit is not allowed unless otherwise determined by us.
  • *Miles will be credited to your JMB account in approximately 2-3 months.

JALCARD contract stores

JALCARD contract stores

You can earn double mileage when you shop using your JALCARD at any one of the JALCARD contract stores.
Starts Pacific, Inc.

Starts Pacific, Inc.

-5,000 miles per purchase or sale
-2,000 miles per lease contract (for a lease period of more than 1 year and a monthly rent of more than $2,000.)

Located in Torrance, California, Starts Pacific is a local subsidiary of Starts Group which is widely known as Pitatto House in Japan.
It offers a comprehensive real estate service including housing sales and property investment.
You can consult anything about real estate and lease!