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Redeeming Mileage

You can redeem miles for a broad range of fantastic awards including award tickets,upgrade awards and others.

Redeeming Mileage

When you have collected miles, they can be exchanged for various benefits, including air tickets, a class upgrade, and coupons which you can use toward in-flinght sales items.

  • Award Tickets
    Redeem miles for round-trip award tickets offered by JAL Group Airlines or JMB partner
  • Upgrade Awards
    Upgrade Awards allow the user to fly in the next higher class of service than that of the purchased ticket.
  • JAL COUPON Awards
    JAL coupon awards can be used to make full or partial payment for JAL Group tickets, inflight purchases, stays at JAL Hotels

    JAL SKY Wi-Fi Coupon Awards
    Redeem miles for JAL SKY Wi-Fi coupons for Wi-Fi service usage on domestic or international flights.
    ・JAL Domestic flights:1,200miles
    ・JAL International flights:2,000miles
    (Details only in Japanese) Redeem miles for selected items and send it to your family
  • JAL Charity Mile

    The JAL Group is proud to deliver a Charity Mile Project that uses miles to support the further promotion of sports and the development of a motivating environment for athletes.
  • Amazon Gift Card Award
    Redeem miles for Amazon Gift Cards.
    This service has been temporarily suspended. Although there is no clear schedule for when this service will be resumed, we anticipate that it will remain unavailable for an extended period of time. Thank you for your understanding.
    Click here for more details.
    Redeem miles for taxi coupons from/to Narita Airport or Haneda Airport.
    *The redemption of miles for taxi coupons is no longer available as of June 30, 2015.
  • Nikkei Business Digital Award
    (Detail only in Japanese) Redeem miles for access to Japan's NO.1 business magazine "Nikkei Business" through a smart phone, PC and tablet terminal.
  • Asahi Shimbun Digital Award
    (Detail only in Japanese) Redeem miles for access to Asahi Shimbun Digital that offers news in real time and contents ranking with that of tabloids.

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