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San Francisco - Tokyo (Haneda)! The quickest way to Metropolitan Tokyo. 
Starting August 31st, A More Comfortable Inflight Experience Awaits Aboard The Boeing 787 DREAMLINER.

787 DREAMLINER - Advanced Technology and Cabin Comfort

Experience JAL's new Boeing 787 Dreamliner offering an improved in-flight atmosphere and greater passenger comfort. New cabin features include larger windows with electronically-dimmable shades and LED lighting. And the aircraft's GEnx engines are newly designed to reduce-noise providing a peaceful and comfortable travel experience across the Pacific.

[Large Overhead Bins] The overhead storage bins are more spacious, and can open easily with universally-designed latches.
[LED Lighting] The cabin environment has been further enhanced with JAL Original lighting, created to provide the best possible ambiance for dining and sleeping.
[Improved Cabin Atmosphere] The quieter cabin, improved humidity and lower pressure of the 787 lend themselves to providing a more comfortable flying experience.
[Spacious Cabin Design] The cabin is more open and the vaulted ceiling stretches the entire length of the cabin. The sidewalls are more vertical for better shoulder and headroom.

*Images only

Business Class: The 2-2-2 configuration ensures either a window or aisle seating. 
Economy Class: Installed with wider*seats, and the latest MAGIC V in-flight entertainment including JAL's popular

*Approximately 2cm vs. 777.

San Francisco - Tokyo (Haneda) Service Flight Schedule

(As of 01AUG13)
Flight # Sector Departure Arrival Operation
JL001/AA8400 SFO HND 19:30 22:20 (+1) Daily
JL002/AA8401 HND SFO 00:05 17:45 (-1) Daily
* +1/-1 = next day/day before. Operated by JL, codeshare by American Airlines (AA).

Make the smartest use of Haneda! Check out JAL's 787 Virtual Aircraft Tour!

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