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The world is changing very rapidly. If you visit a city today, it might look totally different several months from now. But if you look more closely, it's not the city itself that has changed, it's the people-specifically their fashion. Rapid fashion changes define the individual, the group and the whole city. Omotesando is a street fashion capital of the world. NALU's location in Omotedando makes it a perfect conduit for transmitting fashion trends to the rest of Asia. Numbers have no language, they are truly universal. 76 is our code number to transmit these fashions to you. Just as the image of 76 transcend all languages, so our sense fashion will transcend the world. At number76, we are broadcasting NALU's Tokyo street fashion to you and the world. Founded in January 2011 by a Japanese entrepreneur in Kuala Lumpur and a leading hair stylist from Omotesando, Tokyo.

*The partnership with MID VALLEY branch, BANGSAR branch and BANGSAR 2 branch was terminated on 31 AUG 2014. The partnership is available only at MONT'KIARA branch.

Calculating mileage

RM100=10 mile

How to accumulate mileage

JMB members residing in Malaysia are eligible.

  • For every RM 100 spent on any service, you will earn 10 JMB miles.
  • *Please present your JMB membership card and inform the staff you would like to accumulate JMB miles upon the payment.
  • *Miles will be credited to your JMB account approximately two to three months after your application.

For inquiries

TEL: 03-6203-5111/4111
Business Hours: 9:30-18:30/Closed on Monday

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