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Hong Kong

En Family


En Family offers modern Japanese dining experience ・from Okinawa cuisine, to Yakiniku (Japanese barbecue) and Shabu-Shabu (Japanese hot pot).


HK$20 = 1 mile

OOTOYA GOHANDOKORO is a contemporary eat-out offering authentic Japanese cuisine at its best.
We believe that true value and food quality will go a long way, which is an element they have proved in the last half-century of successful trading.



The acclaimed Nadaman at Kowloon Shangri-La is renowned for its authentic Japanese cuisine and superb 'kaiseki' specialties. Nadaman chefs use only the season's best quality produce, freshest and finest ingredients to create a wide selection of exquisite Japanese delicacies that always keep diners coming back for more.

The Hong Kong Japanese Club


The Japanese Club located on the 18th floor has a Grand lobby lounge area featuring high ceilings and a sleek bar offering comfortable seating. In addition we have three Japanese restaurants, Sakura, Bauhinia and the Banquet Room for your dining pleasure. You can redeem JAL miles when you dine at any of one of our restaurants, including the Lobby Area.


Ambassador Taipei


The Ambassador Hotel Taipei has long been known for its fine restaurants, with our exceptional Szechuan Court and Canton Court Chinese restaurants and modernistic bistro style A CUT STEAKHOUSE, all of which have been the scene of many memorable meals for guests.

Crab House

Dining and wining fee in the Crab House TWD50 = 1mile

Opened 30 years ago, Crab House is the very first Penghu style seafood restaurant in Taiwan. Its founder has been dedicated to serving the finest quality seafood for over fifty years. Crab House features fresh and light authentic Penghu seafood taste.

Hotel Royal Taipei


The hotel in managed by JAL HOTELS Co., Ltd. (JHC), an international hotel chain operator under the name of Nikko Hotels International (NHI). Some of the top management come from NHI and have solid professional experience in operating international-standard hotels of the highest quality.


Dining and wining fee/shopping fee in the KING PING TEA RESTAURANT TWD50 = 1mile

The popular known steam dumpling in Taiwan has now become famous in other foreign countries. Rwei-Ching Chang, the chef who has thirty years great experience making the steam dumpling, believed the key to have steam dumpling stand on top of the national stander, is hand made thin outer skin filling with full juicy and fresh meat stuffing.

No Sushi

Dining and wining fee in the No Sushi Restaurant TWD50 =1mile

No Sushi follows the spirit of Edomae sushi, a traditional method of preserving the freshness of seafood, and combines it with advanced techniques to serve up the freshest and most flavorful fare.

The Kanpai Classic Yakiniku Restaurant

TWD50 = 1 mile

"Kanpai Classic" is the high-level fine dining at the Yakiniku restaurant in Taiwan. From interior design to the materials of food, we provide the best enjoyment to our customers. Our interior designer has created a unique and luxurious atmosphere with "magnificence", "modern Japan" and all the luxurious essences.

Bakery 49

TWD50 = 1 mile

To experience San Francisco in Taipei, come to Bakery 49 for the authentic sourdough, new world wine, and California cuisine!

Cross strait Club


The C.S Club's fine dining restaurant offers delicate Shabu-Shabu and various fresh seafood including King Crab, Giant Grouper, Geoduck, and tropical rock lobster and the prime beef from Australia and the United States. Our exclusive sauces and dressings make all these beautiful fresh ingredients a remarkable flavor.

Hachibei Hakata-style Kushiyaki restaurant

TWD50 = 1 mile

No. 1 Kushiyaki restaurant "Hachibei" of Hakata Kyushu of Japan has opened its first shop in Taipei, Taiwan.

Teppanyaki Kigetsu


In Japanese Kaiseki cuisine, "Season", "Health", and "Respect for ingredients" are 3 of the key ingredients. With Japanese Kaiseki Sprits, we named our restaurant "Kigetsu" as we want our customers to enjoy each dish which fresh seasonal ingredients are used to ensure the best flavor.

MANSUI Taiwanese Cuisine

TWD50 = 1 mile

Old Taiwanese cuisine, new thought. When traditional Taiwanese cuisine flavor meet healthy fruit originality, a chef who is unwilling to be ordinary has new interpretation to Taiwanese cuisines. Mansui-Taiwanese cuisine offers local Taiwanese cuisines which have authentic flavor, seafood feast and fruit cuisines that are full of chef's originality.



Food of YANG-SHIN is natural and solid. We offer a dieting space that could make you relieved and comfortable with sincere and attentive attitude. YANG-SHIN Tea House is the first all-vegetable dim-sum house theme restaurant in Taipei City. It has gathered five star hotel-level exquisite cooking skills and has developed innovative vegetable dim-sum and vegetable cuisines to offer consumers more diversified choices and high-quality dining.



THB100 = 1mile

'EDOYA' has operated for 30 years here in Bangkok and serve not only traditional dishes such as SUSHI, TEMPURA and GRILL but fantastic original Japanese dishes on your demand. At 'New York Minutes Caf・, that is operated by EDOYA group, you can relax with various light meals and desserts.


THB100 = 1mile

[ISE] in Bangkok is the branch of ISE which is famous of Japanese restaurant serving various chicken dishes such as BBQ, hotpot and OYAKO-DON (grilled chicken and egg over rice in the bowl). Of course, you can meet not only the same taste as Japan but also original Chinese menu here in Bangkok. Reservation will be recommended.

Japanese Dining DONTAKU

THB100 = 2mile

You can feel the comfort of Kyushu in Bangkok "Dontaku" is the sister restaurant of the processing Torajiro dinner evening and drink. There are more than 50 types of Shochu and menu sticks to Kyushu, is very popular in Thailand not only to the Japanese people in Thailand


THB100 = 1mile

Izakaya "THONGLOR SHOKUDO" is a very Japanese style pub which is popular among Japanese residents in Bangkok. Many kinds of drinks such as Shochu, Sake, Whiskey, etc are served with various selected fresh ingredients menu. You can relax anytime in simple Japanese atmosphere.


THB100 = 1mile

At Japanese restaurant "Torajiro" where is well known among not only Japanese but Thai people in Bangkok, you can enjoy Torajiro's various menu with fresh ingredients. Their original dishes and warm reception in the Japanese modern space will make you relax anytime.

KISSO Japanese Restaurant

THB100 = 1mile

The best Japanese Food & Dining in Bangkok.
Just awarded "Bangkok's Best Japanese Restaurant 2014" and "Thailand Tatler Best Restaurant 2015".
Kisso's passionate chefs team, inspired to create an additional a la carte menu that celebrate the freshly imported delicacies' specially properties.


THB50 = 1mile

Enjoy the Japanese taste of Sake at SASAOU, Bangkok. Indulge yourself in a chillax at atmosphere with the great beverage



Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

You can enjoy conversation with our clever counter lady when you come to our bar without your friend. Every Firday we offer ‘free drink of glass wine’ for ladies as a lady’s day. Jurin is quiet counter bar, located at Block M, which can enjoy drink by cheerful account in peace.


Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

Our restaurant is specialized teuchi soba (hand-made backwheat noodles), sushi and tempura. We make soba every day by hand-made at our restaurant. At our restaurant counter our customers enjoy tempura which are cooked from our selected fresh seafood. Our restaurant is usable for reception of very important clients.

Kappo DON

Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

Our restaurant offers creative seafood kappo food which Mr.Daisei Takeya ,owner of “KIRAGIN group”, show his cooking skills. We purchase fresh seafood every day directly from inside and outside market of Indonesia. Our menu is mainly daily omakase (chef’s recommendation) which is seldom to taste even in Japan.


Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

Our restaurant is a purely Japanese style, which is established in 1993, offers reasonable price food and drink to our customers with the family feeling. Customers enjoy not only typical Japanese style food but also Western and Chinese. And also our restaurant have usable rooms prepare for even several customers or many number of customers. Our familiar and attentive service, which is served by our restaurant manager who is bright lady, is very popular among our customers.


Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

Our restaurant is specialized in “kushiyaki”, but we provide kinds of china side and ramen menu. Especially our soup which is cooked by using chikin bones and sea food is different from others. And also our served cold ramen is unrivaled quality. Please try our delicious ramen after drinking at block M.


Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

Our main menu are barbecue which is burned by using ‘shichirin” (a small portable stove for cooking with charcoal)and hormone nabe (a one-pot dish cooked at the table). Customers can think it to be right in Japan here if they eat a noted food “meibutsu chiritori nabe” in our restaurant which image a Japanese underpass. Additionally we serve dear old drinks called “Hoppi” and whisky hi-ball and get great popularity.


Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

Our main menu are barbecue which is burned by using ‘shichirin” (a small portable stove for cooking with charcoal)and hormone nabe (a one-pot dish cooked at the table). Customers can think it to be right in Japan here if they eat a noted food “meibutsu chiritori nabe” in our restaurant which image a Japanese underpass. Additionally we serve dear old drinks called “Hoppi” and whisky hi-ball and get great popularity.

Restaurant Aya

Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

In these days when there became few shops hearing selfishness, the chef of restaurant Aya, who is more than 20 years experience in a Japanese certain hotel and won many prizes, create Japanese foods according to preference of the visitors favorite, which are tasty Japanese than eating in Japan. Diversity of the dish, looks very beautiful and delicious, are cooked from examined the cooking ingredient of the Japanese direct shipment closely. Our restaurant offer a handy lunch set, and various course dinner and chef select.

Restaurant Goemon

Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

The restaurant's interior gets possible to simplify contact between visitors without establishing the private room, and in late years there is the Japanese foods boom, and the coming to the restaurant of the Indonesian increases, and it is it with the place of the communication with a Japanese and the Indonesian.


Spending IDR 30,000 = 1 mile

We reproduced an Italian restaurant which was prosperous very much in Kobe at Kemang in Jakarta. We also have menu written by Japanese and very easy to order food and drink. Please enjoy orthodox Italian food at a reasonable price.


En Grill & Bar


An intricately designed area most suitable for relaxation, good food & great company. Charcoal grilled Kushiyaki & Teppanyaki dishes, Japanese cocktails and an even wider variety of drinks awaits you.

En Japanese Dining Bar
(Bukit Timah)


Built upon the success of its first outlet, this classy yet casual space in the neighborhoods caters to those who have a discerning taste for excellent food coupled with its extensive range of awamori, shochu and sake.

En Japanese Dining Bar
(Mohamed Sultan)


A modern Japanese dining bar proudly known not only for its signature Okinawa cuisine, but its wide variety of appetizers and traditional Japanese dishes served Izakaya style.

Z’en Japanese Cuisine


With an impeccable VIP room and private area that is most popular among the business executives, Z’en feature not only traditional Japanese favorites but also modern creations that are both visually and tastefully stunning for the palate.

Spizzico Ristorante Italiano


Spizzico is an Italian restaurant which was established in 2000. The warm and cosy atmosphere captures the essence and traditional flavours of Italy.



Yakinikutei Ao-chan is tucked away on the second floor of the Concorde Hotel shopping mall (the hotel formerly know as the Meridien). We are the original table BBQ restaurant, specializing in different types of meat, mainly beef. Our cuisine is authentic and delicious. We have private rooms as well for your business meetings or private events. Reservations in advance is advised.


Spending SGD 5 = 1mile

Since opening Japan's first beer hall in Tokyo's Ginza district in 1899, we have more than a century of history as a pioneer in the food and beverage industry.
Over the years, we have expanded our restaurants around in Japan. Today, we became the biggest beer restaurant chains with more than 180 restaurants and still keep on growing. Introducing our original Sapporo Beer, which is oldest beer brand in Japan, remains favorite among the customers; we also have been dedicated to contribute the best dinning culture in every Ginza Lion outlet. Our signature starter, chicken wings are made with our homemade recipes which is highly popular as well. We create the original concept of drink & food, to provide a new eating experience for customers looking for perfect & relaxing place to dine & chill at same time.


Japanese Kitchen Ogawa

RM10 = 1 mile

Japanese Kitchen Ogawa serves very creative contemporary Japanese cuisine and very popular among Japanese expatriate and local people in Kuala Lumpur. They are opened for lunch as well.

 [JAL CARD contract stores] JALCARD contract stores

You can earn double mileage when you shop using your JALCARD at any one of the JALCARD contract stores.

How to accumulate mileage

You can accumulate mileage by using the services of JMB partner companies.
When using the service, please provide your JMB membership number for mileage accumulation.

  • * Any services at discounted prices will not be eligible for mileage.
  • * Retroactive mileage credit is not allowed unless otherwise determined.
  • * Miles will be credited to your JMB account in approximately 2-3 months.

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