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Medical Treatment

Healthway Japanese Medical Centre

SGD 5=1mile

Healthway Medical Group is one of the largest medical providers in Singapore. Healthway Japanese Medical Centre is launched at TripleOne Somerset on March in year 2011. The Services are, General consultation, Vaccination, Health Screening and Dental services. JMB services available for, health screening, Dental check up, vaccination, Tooth whitening.

 [JAL CARD contract stores] JALCARD contract stores

You can earn double mileage when you shop using your JALCARD at any one of the JALCARD contract stores.

How to accumulate mileage

You can accumulate mileage by using the services of JMB partner companies.
When using the service, please provide your JMB membership number for mileage accumulation.

  • * Any services at discounted prices will not be eligible for mileage.
  • * Retroactive mileage credit is not allowed unless otherwise determined.
  • * Miles will be credited to your JMB account in approximately 2-3 months.

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