How to connect

NTT East Wi-Fi (14-day)

1Configure the SSID setting of your device for a connection to 0000FLETS-PORTAL.

2Tap "Wi-Fi"

3Tap "Visitors".

4Tap "English".

5Check Notices.

6Enter a checkmark and tap "Login".

7Enter the ID and PASS provided, as well as your own e-mail address, then tap "Login" to start the service. The "Login Succeeded" message confirms that the login procedure has been successful.

*Actual screen display may vary.

For more information about connecting to Wi-Fi Hotspots, please visit This page will open in a new windowNTT East Free Wi-Fi Japan homepage, or This page will open in a new windowHow to connect to free Wi-Fi step by step.

This page will open in a new windowWhere to use NTT East free Wi-Fi.

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