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Local Dishes

Sapporo Ramen
Sapporo Ramen
There are more than 1000 ramen shops in the city of Sapporo. One of the features of Sapporo ramen is the Miso flavor. "Ramen Yokocho" and "Shin Ramen Yokocho" in Susukino, and Tanukikoji 6-chome "Menkoi Street" are popular spots for tourists.
Genghis Kahn (Jingiskan)
Genghis Kahn (Jingiskan)
Genghis Kahn, a lamb barbecue named after the Mongolian warrior, is one of the local specialties representing Hokkaido. It consists of grilled lamb, onion, cabbage and other vegetable with sauces, and goes great with beer.
Crab, scallops, salmon and other seafood are delicious.
Vegetables and fruits
Vegetables and fruits
Freshly grilled corn on the cob are sold at stalls. Potatoes, onions, asparagus, melons and other vegetables are local specialties.
Hokkaido is surrounded by the sea and as a result there are many sushi-ya (sushi restaurants) that daily boast the freshest of sushi. Otaru, to the north-west of Sapporo has 130 sushi shops and is extremely famous as being literally "a town of sushi."
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