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Local Souvenirs

Ningyoyaki is baked confectionery with a thin skin surrounding a rich bean jam. Ningyoyaki are formed in the shape of dolls and they all have different faces, so seeing various faces is a pleasure as you sample its soft texture. Ningyoyaki shops are particularly poplular in the shitamachi areas.
Rice Crackers
Rice Crackers
Rice crackers are popular snacks and are eaten all over Japan. Rice or wheat is ground into a fine flour and is then kneaded into a dough. After steaming, the dough is cut into various shapes and roasted.
During roasting it is flavored with soy sauce. There are many different types of crackers such as those wrapped with laver and those flavored with salt.
Edo Kiriko (Cut Glass)
Edo Kiriko (Cut Glass)
Edo Kiriko, with over 100-years of history, has been in operation since the end of the Edo period. Craftworkers use outstanding techniques to produce beautiful handmade works - all made of glass.
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