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Local Dishes

Yuba Dishes
Yuba Dishes
Yuba is a delicacy made from the skin that forms on the surface of gently-boiled soybean milk. In Kyoto there are many restaurants where you can try various yuba dishes and eating fresh yuba with its soft texture and delicious taste is always fun.
Kyo Kaiseki
Kyo Kaiseki
Kyo kaiseki dishes offer that quintessential Kyoto flavor that brings the best out in seasonal ingredients without using western ingredients or western-style recipes. A true taste of Japanese traditional fare.
Yudofu is a type of cuisine produced using tofu. To prepare hot tofu cooked in a pot simply put the tofu in a kombu (kelp) broth and heat. For good yudofu, a good form tofu is a necessity and making good tofu requires clear, clean water. Fortunately Kyoto is blessed with a source of abundant clear water so many restaurants in turn offer this delicious form of tofu cuisine with the result being that yudofu has now become a specialty of the Kyoto area.
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