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Local Souvenirs

Kyo sensu (Japanese fans)
Kyo sensu (Japanese fans)
Kyo Sensu have a noble 1200-year history and are known globally for their elegant form although their origins can be traced back to "mokkan" (a 30 cm long piece of wood used as a tool for writing) in the early Heian era. In contrast to the fans imported from China, sensu's origins rest solely in Japan.
Kyo tsukemono (pickles)
Kyo tsukemono (pickles)
Kyoto was the capital of Japan for such an extended period of time that it was only natural that excellent vegetables were gathered in Kyoto for use as gifts. Much was produced using these vegetables and in order to retain the vegetable's original taste for as long as possible, Kyo tsukemono pickles were produced.
Kyo ningyo (dolls)
Kyo ningyo (dolls)
Kyo ningyo are made using only the traditional Kyoto methodology of doll making and have in turn produced many makers with a long history of doll production. The manufacturing process is divided with various experts cooperating at different times to produce the finished article.
Nishijinori brocade
Nishijinori brocade
The manufacturing process of the Nishijinori brocade is divided into 20 individual sections with each section relying on the expertise of trained professionals with extensive experience in producing the kimono, ties and obi (belt) they are known for.
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