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Kashima Sake Brewery Tourism ®

Suki! 62

March 26 to 27

Kashima City has been a sake-brewing center since the 1600s, and today, six sake breweries still produce some of the finest sake in Kyushu. At the Kashima Sake Brewery Tourism® event, the six breweries all hold open houses on the same weekend, allowing visitors to buy samples of new sake and learn how sake is made. A free shuttle bus runs between the breweries during the event, making it easy for participants to move from brewery to brewery throughout the day.

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Admission: Free (4900 yen for official bus tour that goes to all six breweries)

Address: Hama-machi, Kashima City, Saga

Airport: Nagasaki Airport
Fukuoka Airport


Local sake breweries in Kashima City, Saga Prefecture

45-minute car drive from the Nagasaki Expressway Takeokitagata Interchange.
A free shuttle bus runs between the breweries during the event.

Suki! 62

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