Kokusaidori Street

Kokusaidori by night

Kokusaidori (literally "International Road") is Naha's main street, stretching for roughly two kilometers through downtown Naha. The street takes its name from the former "Ernie Pyle International Theater", a movie theater that was built along the road after the war.

Starting around the Naha Bus Terminal and Prefectural Hall, Kokusaidori is lined by restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, souvenir shops, boutiques and department stores. Many shops remain open until 11pm, and live Okinawa music is played at several restaurants.

If you are looking for even more shopping opportunities, you are encouraged to venture into the colorful Heiwadori, Mutsumidori and Ichiba Hondori arcades, which branch off Kokusaidori around the intersection with Okieidori, halfway along the street. The shops in the arcade are smaller than those along Kokusaidori, and are often made up of just a small booth and a single shop owner.

Shopping arcades branching off Kokusai Dori

How to get there

Kokusaidori Street is located right in central Naha. The street stretches from the Naha Bus Terminal to Makishi Station on the Okinawa Monorail. It is also only a few steps away from the monorail's Kencho-mae and Miebashi Stations.

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