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Kosanji Temple

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Kosanji Temple is located on Ikuchijima Island and is a temple of the True Pure Land Sect of Japanese Buddhism. The temple was founded in 1936 by a successful businessman who was inspired by his devotion to his mother. The construction of the temple took more than 30 years. If visitors to the temple are surprised by a strong feeling of deja vu, it is because many of the buildings are modeled after some of Japan's most famous temple buildings.

The replicas of famous buildings at Kosanji are quite impressive, including copies of Nikko's Yomeimon Gate and Byodoin's Phoenix Hall. The complex of buildings at the temple are on the whole colorful and varied, while still retaining a coherent style. Another highlight of the temple is a long cave in which a series of images are displayed that illustrate the tortures of Buddhist hell.

Miraishin no Oka / A replica of Nikko's Yomeimon gate

On the top of a hill within the temple grounds there is a large walking area called Miraishin no Oka, which means Heights of Eternal Hope for the Future. It is made entirely of marble imported from Italy, and features a few abstract statues, including a statue called Tower of Light at the very peak of the hill. There is also an Italian restaurant called Cafe Cuore, which is also made of marble.

Miraishin no Oka does not have any religious functions as part of Kosanji, but is rather one of the temple's artistic properties. Some of the temple's other art is housed within buildings on the temple's main grounds, and includes works of Buddhist sculpture, painting, modern art, and objects related to the Japanese tea ceremony.

The purification trough at the temple's entrance / The caves of Kosanji

How to get there

By bicycle
The temple is located along the Shimanami Kaido cycling route, about 30 kilometers from Onomichi.

By ferry
The temple is most easily reached from downtown Onomichi by ferry. The ride from Onomichi Ekimae Port (in front of Onomichi Station) to Sawa Port or Setoda Port takes about 40 minutes and costs 800 yen (additional 150 yen for a bicycle), and there are nine boats per day (only four stop at Sawa Port). The temple is about a 15 minute walk away from either port.

By bus
Highway buses traveling along the Shimanami Kaido (the Imabari-Hiroshima and Imabari-Fukuyama lines) stop at Setoda bus stop, where a transfer can be made to a local bus which travels to Kosanji-mae bus stop, just in front of the temple.

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Hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Admission: 1200 yen

Address: 553-2, Setoda, Setoda-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima

Airport: Hiroshima Airport


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