Marine Resort Okinawa Marine Resort Okinawa Marine Resort Okinawa
Marine Resort Okinawa Marine Resort Okinawa Marine Resort Okinawa
Marine Resort Okinawa
The entire nation of Japan can, in effect, be called a marine resort as it is surrounded by water.
Okinawa is particularly popular among the Japanese for its beautiful coral reef areas and clear blue water.
Marine Resort Sailing Sailing Golf
Marine Resort Outdoor Sports Cycling Camping
Sailing: Japan, a nation surrounded by the seas of east Asia is a perfect spot to take part in yachting and wind surfing.
Golf: Japan has wealth of golf courses, from the simple ones on river banks to beautifully maintained country clubs, and also some of a trickier variety.
Camping: Camp site facilities range in comfort from those with basic functions designed for the rugged campers who set up their own tents to those with more of the comforts of home for those who prefer camping out in pre-erected tents.
Cycling: In recent years, the number of cyclists enjoying this most simple of sports for extended periods has increased greatly and larger and larger competitions are being held each year.
Running: During the running season, full marathons (42.195 km) are held every Sunday throughout the country. Many joggers run through parks, along river banks and even through business districts in the city during their lunchtimes and holidays.
As a traditional summer outfit, yukata are perfectly suited to the hot days of a Japanese summer. Made of cotton and linen, yukata have been adored by Japanese for hundreds of years and the accompanying wooden or bamboo sandals also present an image of visual coolness.
Fireworks (Yokohama)Japan boasts one of the world's leading fireworks production and display techniques and as a result many local areas have their own spectacular fireworks festivals during the summer.
FuranoThe Flower Fields of Furano
Hokkaido is a world of flowers and from spring to summer this vast open island becomes a sea of flowers, of various vegetables, fruits, herbs and other wild plants, all growing in the fields and forests. Whenever you visit, the landscape and scenery is truly breathtaking but for flowers the best time to visit is from mid April to October.
The famed lavender blossoms in Furano are at their best in July.
Ukai, or cormorant fishing, has been a part of Japanese life since the 8th century and was first opened to public viewing in 1885. Spectators enjoy drinks on boats while looking at the masters skillfully control their birds. Ukai fishing on the Nagaragawa River can be witnessed from May 11th to October 15th.
Ukai Fishing
Language Training Language Training Long Stay Program
Language Training: There are many language schools offering Japanese classes to foreign students all over Japan and some feature shorter, 2-3 week courses in which a summary of Japanese culture, the economy, history, etc. are taught.
Cooking Classes: Most cooking class students are women but recently classes exclusively for men with the need to cook for themselves due to extended transfers away from their wives or differing living conditions are being held. There are also courses for retired men who feel compelled to learn to cook in case they outlive their wives and fewer and fewer Japanese men now believe that cooking is solely a female domain.
Sado: Sado is also referred to as "Tea Ceremony." It is an art in which the host entertains his or her guests by offering a cup of green tea while communicating in an unspoken language throughout the exchange. The underlying philosophy is called "ichigo ichie," meaning "enjoy every meeting, for it may be the last." Tea Ceremony is a traditional form of Japanese culture for appreciating "wabi, sabi (a quintessential Japanese notion for aesthetics)" in total silence.
Kado: Kado is Japanese flower arrangement. This art uses the flowers of the four seasons to give a feeling of comfort and pleasure to those who view the finished piece. There are various schools of kado pursuing their own unique methods in order to express the beauty of nature, whether in a grand and expansive form or in a single stem arrangement.
Cooking Classes Sado Kado

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