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World Heritage / Hiraizumi - Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration

Criteria: (iii) (vi) | Date of Inscription: 2013 | Location: Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture | Justification for Inscription


Things to see

Funatsu Lava Tree Molds

Funatsu Lava Tree Molds
Funatsu Lava Tree Molds
A cave created by the eruption of Fujisan, with its characteristic strata pattern produced by the lava which flowed in. As it resembles the inside of a human body, it is called a "womb," making it an object of worship. It is one of the largest lava tree molds (also called "lava trees") of some 100 tree molds varying in size existing around it. Shintai (the object of worship) of Fujisan is also enshrined here.

Bus Tours

World Heritage Mt. Fuji and Hakone
World Heritage Mt. Fuji and Hakone
Please enjoy Mt. Fuji Fifth Station and Hakone - Two of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan.
A Western style lunch is prepared.


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