World Heritage / Himeji-jo

Criteria: (i) (iv) | Date of Inscription: 1993 | Location: Hyogo Prefecture | Justification for Inscription



Himeji Castle Kan-oh Kai
Himeji Castle Kan-oh Kai
Yukata Matsuri
Yukata Matsuri
Himeji Oshiro Matsuri
Himeji Oshiro Matsuri
Himeji Castle Kan-oh Kai (Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival)
Held in Sannomaru Square in early April

Himeji Castle Kencha Shiki by Urasenke (A Tea Dedication Ceremony)
Held at Daitenshu in late April
Himeji Castle Shufuku Kinen Kencha Shiki by Omotesenke
(A Tea Dedication Ceremony Commemorating the Restoration of Himeji Castle)
June 1st

Yukata Matsuri (Summer Kimono Festival)
Held at Nagakabe Shinto Shrine in the Himeji Castle area from June 22nd to the 24th

Himeji Oshiro Matsuri (Himeji Castle Festival)
Held in the area around Himeji Castle in August

Himeji Castle Takigi Noh (Outdoor Noh Play - by Firelight)
Held in Sannomaru Square in August
Himeji Castle Kangetsu Kai (Moon Viewing Festival)
Held in Sannomaru Square on August 15th of the lunar calendar (modern day September or October)

Himeji Castle Kikkaten
(Chrysanthemum Festival)
Held in Sannomaru Square from mid October to mid November
Tenshukaku Nagakabe Jinja Gantansai (New Year's Tea Dedication)
January 1st

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