World Heritage / Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto

Criteria: (ii) (iv) | Date of Inscription: 1994 | Location: Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures | Justification for Inscription



- Kyoto is the best place for anyone visiting Japan. You can access any place easily and find a guide who speak English. You will have no difficulties to see what you want to see in Kyoto.
Kyoto contains essential things of Japanese culture. If you want to learn Japanese culture, you should visit there first. (USA)

- I loved Kyoto and spend 2 days there last year. The temples and history are a must for anyone visiting Japan. (USA)

- The best place to see ancient Japan. I've been there 2 times and enjoyed a lot. (Chile)

- If pressed for time, see Kiyomizudera (Kyoto) and Byodoin (the building on the 10 yen coin) in Uji. Other favorites: Saihoji (Moss Temple), Kinkakuji, Ryoanji, Heian Shrine, Nijojo... (USA)

- Twice I have been to Kyoto. It is a wonderful city with a public transport system I highly recommend to foreign and Japanese visitors-easy to use and cheap. As a focal point of Japanese history this is a must see city for visitors to Japan but again I recommend a hotel away from the station to save time in travel around the main sites-few of which are close to the station. (UK)

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