World Heritage / Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto

Criteria: (ii) (iv) | Date of Inscription: 1994 | Location: Kyoto and Shiga Prefectures | Justification for Inscription


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Ujigami Shrine is located at the foot of Mt. Asahiyama on the eastern bank of the Ujigawa River.

The Honden of Ujigami Shrine was constructed in the latter part of the Heian period (8th-12th century) making it the oldest existing shrine constructed at this time and is thereby designated as a national treasure. Constructed in the old Ikken-shanagare-zukuri style it has three inner buildings, the Cyuden enshrining the Ojin Emperor, the Saden enshrining Ujinowakiiratuko and the Uden enshrining the Nintoku Emperor. All are unified under one roof in a larger outer building called the Oiya.
The Haiden was the former Uji Rikyu villa reconstructed at the current site in the early Kamakura period (12th-14th century). Built in the Shinden-zukuri style and designated a national treasure, the spring water emerging from the ground here is considered one of the seven clearest waters in Uji.

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