World Heritage / Shrines and Temples of Nikko

Criteria: (i) (iv) (vi) | Date of Inscription: 1999 | Location: Tochigi Prefecture | Justification for Inscription



- Different from Kyoto and Nara, the buildings of Nikko are colorful. When I visited there, I was impressed with different aspect of Japanese culture. If you are interested in the Edo period and Tokugawa shogunate, you should visit there. (USA)

- To my mind, gaudy crowded, of historical interest only. But stay at a Japanese inn (ryokan) beside Lake Chuzenji above Nikko. Best after a snowfall by moonlight. (USA)

- Nikko is a place of great historical interest and also has some beautiful mountain and man-made scenery. The shrines and temples aren't as simple and peaceful as those in Kyoto but they are quiet retreats from the busier places in the Kanto area. Sadly the bus system is expensive and infrequent. (UK)

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