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World Heritage / Ogasawara Islands

Criteria: (ix) | Date of Inscription: 2011 | Location: Tokyo | Justification for Inscription


Things to see

Mandarina mandarina
Mandarina mandarina
Dry Scrub
Dry Scrub
Apalopteron familiare hahasima
Apalopteron familiare hahasima
Black-footed albatross
Land Snails
About 100 species of land snails have been found in Ogasawara so far and new species continue to be discovered. More than 90 percent of the species of land snails living in Ogasawara are endemic to Ogasawara only. Of particular interest is the genus Mandarina mandarina. Each species in this genus feed on different things in different places and they inhabit slightly different environments. This variety in living style attributes to their different shapes.
Dry Scrub
Dry scrub brush grows throughout Anijima and Higashi-daira on Chichijima. The dry scrub is an integral part of the unique ecosystem with the many endemic species of the Ogasawara Islands. This indigenous species is similar to the evergreen broadleaf species in the forests of Okinawa, Japan, and Southeast Asia so experts assume that this species adapted to the dry weather after moving to the Ogasawara Islands.
Habitats and Home of Rare Flora and Fauna
The Ogasawara Islands are the habitat of and home to 57 rare species in the world and are listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
Important Breeding Sites of Sea Birds
The Ogasawara Islands have important breeding sites for wide-range sea birds such as the black-footed albatross and the Laysan albatross.
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