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World Heritage / Yakushima

Criteria: (vii) (ix) | Date of Inscription: 1993 | Location: Kagoshima Prefecture | Justification for Inscription


Things to see

Mt. Miyanouradake
Mt. Miyanouradake
Yakusugi Land (Yakusugi Cedar Land)
Yakusugi Land (Yakusugi Cedar Land)
Mt. Miyanouradake
Mt. Miyanouradake is 1936m above sea level and the area in which this mountain is located extends to Yaku-cho and Kamiyaku-cho. It is an area inscribed on the World Heritage List.
Yakusugi (Yakusugi Cedar)
Cedars found in the mountainous area above an altitude of 500m on Yakushima Island are rather special and for geological reasons tend to grow slowly and suffer little rot. To this end, many Yakusugi Cedars are said to be over 2000 years old and experts say Japan's oldest Yakusugi Cedar is "Jomonsugi" (Jomonsugi Cedar), which they think could be between 2000 and 7200 years old.
Yakusugi Land (Yakusugi Cedar Land)
Yakusugi land is a natural recreation forest located in a mountainous area ranging from 1000m to 1300m above sea level. At the 6km point in from the entrance you can see "Kigensugi" (Kigensugi Cedar) which is thought to be approximately 3000-years-old.
Yakuzaru (The Yakushima Monkey)
Yakuzaru is a monkey native to Yakushima Island. Its size is smaller than that of the well known Nihonzaru (Japanese Macaque) and it is covered with long, rough hair.
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