Amazon Gift Card Award

This service has been temporarily suspended. Although there is no clear schedule for when this service will be resumed, we anticipate that it will remain unavailable for an extended period of time. Thank you for your understanding.
Temporary Suspension of "Amazon Gift Certificate Award" and Request of changing the JMB PIN.

About Amazon Gift Card Award

"Amazon Gift Card Award" is an award where 5,000 miles are exchanged for an Amazon Gift Card equivalent to 50USD. Upon application, you will be informed of the gift card's claim code on the screen where application has been completed.

Required miles for an exchange

5,000 miles may be exchanged for an Amazon Gift Card equivalent to 50USD.
* Units of 5,000 miles may be exchanged at one time.
* There is no limit on the number of exchanges permitted.

Eligible Members

All JMB members in American region.

How to apply for and receive award


Check the number of miles in your account.


Apply to exchange accumulated miles in your JMB account to Amazon Gift Card Award

You can apply for the award from here.

How to receive the award

The gift card's claim code will be shown on the screen upon completion of the application, as well as be sent to your registered email address.


The Amazon gift card can be used for purchases at

How to use Amazon Gift Cards
Rules for Amazon Gift Cards

Notes on award usage

  • · JAL Family Club members can combine mileage to exchange awards.
  • · Only applications for Amazon Gift Certificates made on the JAL website are acceptable.
  • · Amazon Gift Awards are not eligible for Mileage Reinstatement Service for unused awards.
  • · This service is nontransferable and limited to JMB members only.
  • · Applications and use of awards may only be accepted in the country where you currently reside.
  • · Email address registration is required for application.
  • · The email address you register to receive your Amazon Gift Card Award will be automatically registered to your JMB account.
  • · It is possible that the gift card's claim code sent to your email address could be delayed by system failures.
  • · Once deducted, miles cannot be refunded, or exchanged for other awards, even if before you receive the award or if the award is unused.
  • · Conditions of use for Amazon online will also apply to the exchanged Amazon Gift Card Award.
  • · Please visit the Amazon website in the country you reside, and refer to the details of usage.
  • · Selling, bartering or exchanging Amazon Gift Card Award is not permitted. This includes the exchanging of Award for cash or items of monetary value. (JMB Rules and Conditions, Article 25 is applied.)
  • · Other conditions for exchanging mileage are subjected to JMB Rules and Conditions.

  • * Amazon, Javari and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

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