Availability of awards

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Required Mileage

e-Coupon of FELISSIMO Award equivalent to JPY 2,000

2,000 miles

  • *Use of the e-Coupon requires registration as a global member on the FELISSIMO global website (free of charge).
  • *The e-Coupon is not valid for orders placed in Japan.
  • *Use of the e-Coupon is limited to the person to whom it was issued.
  • *The e-Coupon is intended for personal use only. (Use for resale and commercial purposes is not accepted.)

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The expiration date is determined by the month in which you apply for the e-Coupon. Please refer to the date indicated in the email.

Application March 2017 Expires at the end of June, 2017
Application April 2017 - June 2017 Expires at the end of September, 2017
Application July 2017 - September 2017 Expires at the end of December, 2017
  • *Use of the e-Coupon is accepted only up to the expiration date. The coupon will be voided thereafter.

How to Request and Use Awards

STEP 1Request an award

Check the number of miles in your account.
Miles will be deducted based on the information provided in your request.

  • *The JMB Center will contact you by phone if the required miles cannot be deducted from your account.

STEP 2Use your award

The e-Coupon will be sent to your registered email address 2–3 weeks from the date of exchange with benefits.
Please follow the instructions provided in the email to use the e-Coupon.

Changes to FELISSIMO Award

Once deducted, miles cannot be refunded to the original JMB account.

Once miles are redeemed for awards, they cannot be refunded or exchanged for other awards.
*FELISSIMO Award are not eligible for the Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards.