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Redeeming Mileage JAL International Award Tickets

Important information

Effective for requests made from April 1, 2015, the rules for booking JAL International Award Tickets will be revised as follows. These revisions will apply only to reservations made by phone.

Eligible Routes

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* When the itinerary includes Japan domestic sectors, JAL/JTA domestic routes are eligible.
JAC, RAC, HAC, and code-share flights operated by other airlines (such as Fuji Dream Airlines or Amakusa Airlines) are not eligible.
* For Japan domestic sectors included in international awards tickets, Japan domestic "Class J" cannot be used.
* Sectors where JAL Group airlines do not have traffic rights are not eligible.
* To comply with U.S. transportation rules, for itineraries between continental U.S./Hawaii and Guam via Japan, and itineraries between continental U.S. and Hawaii via Japan without a stopover in Japan, at least one international flight operated by a U.S.-based airline (*) is required.
(*)excluding Japan Airlines codeshare flight operated by a U.S.-based airline.
* Some other sectors may not be eligible. Eligible sectors/routes are subject to change.

Required Mileage

◆ [Requests made until March 31,2015]
Even if the award ticket will be used for one-way travel, the round-trip mileage of the flight sector and class reserved will be deducted.

[Requests made from April 1, 2015]
One-way travel will be available at half the mileage required for a round-trip award ticket, provided that the reservation is made by phone.

Carrier-imposed fees (Fuel Surcharges and Insurance Surcharges) and other government or airport imposed taxes and fee will apply to each flight sector and class.

◆Award issued for children and infants require the same mileage and carrier-imposed fees as for adults.

◆In addition to mileage, award tickets are subject to carrier-imposed fees (Fuel Surcharges and Insurance Surcharges) and other taxes and fees (Departure Tax, Federal Inspection Fees, Passenger Facility Charges etc.) imposed by each government/airport etc.

Restricted Travel Dates for Awards

Please refer to "Restricted Travel Dates for JAL International Award Tickets". If travel within Japan is included, "Restricted Travel Dates for JAL Group Domestic Award Tickets" will also apply. At other times the number of seats available for award travel may be limited, or may not be available.


The award tickets will be valid for one year from the date the mileage is deducted ( the date the ticket is issued ). The original validity remains in effect even if the travel dates are changed.
  • * The last flight sector of the itinerary can be no later than the expiration date of the award ticket.
  • If you do not board the reserved flight, the award ticket will be invalid, and mileage refund and changes to other awards will not be available.

Various Services

When using Award Tickets, the same services as those available to holders of revenue tickets can be enjoyed such as advance seat selection and lounge access for First Class and Business Class passengers. However, when traveling in Economy Class (including Premium Economy), some services such as the JAL Family Service may not be applicable.

Conditions for Using Awards

When you request a booking for an itinerary or flight sectors that cannot be made through the JAL website, although they meet the following conditions, you must contact the JMB International Award Reservation Desk or JMB Center.

Round-trip Itinaries


•  All flights must be confirmed at the time mileage is redeemed.
•  Award tickets are issued for round-trip travel.
The cities of departure and return must be in the same area or within the same country.
•  When two different award levels are involved in one round-trip journey, the higher award level will apply.
•  The place or country of original departure cannot be used as a transfer point to a final destination.
•  Japan domestic round-trip journey to and from origin or destination of the international travel originating from Japan is not permitted.
•  Haneda and Narita airports in Tokyo are considered to be the same city, as are Itami, Kansai and Kobe airports in Osaka, Chitose and Okadama airports in Sapporo, Chubu and Komaki airports in Nagoya, Incheon and Gimpo airports in Seoul, PuDong and Hongqiao airports in Shanghai or Songshan and Taoyuan airport in Taipei.

Permitted Permitted
Permitted Permitted

Where award levels differ
40,000 miles are needed for this itinerary.
Narita-Sydney =40,000 (Economy Class)

Not Permitted
Not Permitted
Beijing (departure city) and Bangkok (return city) are not in the same area nor in the same country.

Class of service
•  When different classes of service are involved in 1 round-trip journey, required mileage will be a sum of half round-trip required mileage for each class of service.

Sum of half the Tokyo-Bangkok round-trip mileage for C-class and Y-class will be required.
The number of flight sectors allowed

For each award, a maximum of 3 flight sectors will be allowed each way.
A maximum of 2 Japan domestic flight sectors will be permitted for the total round-trip journey.

Limit of stopovers in Japan

Stopovers (a stay of more than 24 hours) in Japan for 1 round-trip journey are limited:

Type of journey Limit of stopovers in Japan
Journeys originating outside Japan and Japan being the destination 1 stopover in Japan is permitted in addition to the final destination city.
Journeys originating outside Japan and going beyond Japan A maximum of 2 stopovers in Japan are permitted.
Journeys originating in Japan Stopovers in Japan are not permitted. However, connections (a stay of less than 24 hours) are allowed.

Not allowed except journey within Japan or journey specified in awards.
(Backtracking means reversing your direction of travel to make connections to continue onward toward your next destination.)

Upgrading of award ticket

Award tickets may not be upgraded by paying the fare differential. Round-trip award tickets and upgrade awards may not be combined.

  • * Awards may not be used for Japan Domestic First Class and Class J.
    However, if seats are available at the time of departure, you may use First Class or Class J by paying a surcharge.
    (Advance reservations for First Class and Class J are not permitted if your base tickets are JMB award tickets. You cannot board on First Class by using your mileage at the airport on the day of departure.)

Changes to Award Tickets After Mileage Redemption

Change to flight number and flight date are permitted.
* Change to flight number and flight date are permitted if the reservation for the new flight is confirmed before boarding. Please note that airport offices are unable to handle these changes, with the exception of the service that allows you to change your JAL international award ticket to a higher class of service at the airport on the same day as your flight.
* When you make changes to flight number or flight date, members may be requested to pay the differential between previous Fuel Surcharge / Insurance Surcharge and new ones.
* Changes made by phone that require the award ticket to be re-issued due to changes in applicable taxes or charges will be subject to a Ticketing Service Fee per ticket.

Change in the flight number is permitted through the JAL website only when all the passengers using the e-ticket change their flights to the same flight before commencement of travel.
Please contact the JMB International Award Reservation Desk or JMB Center if the route is changed to outside of an eligible route for e-ticket or if reservations for certain passengers are changed.
* Changes of flight number and flight date can be made through the JAL website by 12:00 4 days prior to the day of departure.
* Through the JAL website, waitlist is permitted for the flight sector where seats are not available and a change from a confirmed flight sector to another sector where the seats are available is permitted.
* Changes through the JAL website may not be possible when special arrangements are made at the time of booking.
<Not Permitted>
Change to the traveler's name, the flight sector, the class of service, routing, reversing the direction of travel and exchange of awards are not permitted.
* Starting from April 1, 2015, JAL International Award Tickets can be changed to the next higher class of service for the same flight sectors without incurring a mileage reinstatement fee. To be eligible, these requests must be made by phone. A Ticketing Service Fee will apply for tickets issued.
* "Mileage Reinstatement Service for Unused Awards" is applicable in case of cancellation of unused award tickets. Members are responsible for all the mailing costs of award tickets sent to the JMB international award reservation desk or JMB center.

How to request and receive Awards

Requests for award ticket must be made through JAL web site or JMB Award Reservation desk.
*Requests made by phone will incur a Ticketing Service Fee.

Deadlines for Award Application
[Requests made until March 31, 2015]
You must make your reservation before requesting your award by calling the JMB International Award Reservations Desk from 10:00 of 330 days prior to the date of flight departure to 12:00 of 4 days prior to the date of departure (not including the day of departure).

[Requests made from April 1, 2015]
Award bookings will be accepted starting no earlier than 10:00, 330 days prior to flight departure and no later than 12:00, 4 days prior to the departure date of the first flight sector (not including the day of departure) if the reservation is made through the JAL website(*1). If the reservation is made by phone, the deadline will be 12:00 two days prior to the departure of the first flight sector (*2).

*1 American Region is based on US Pacific Time. Europe / Middle East / Africa Region is based on UK time. Asia / Oceania Region is based on Hong Kong time.
*2 American Region is based on US Pacific Time. Europe / Middle East / Africa Region is based on UK time. Asia / Oceania Region is based on local time. If the above deadlines fall outside the operating hours of the Call Center or JAL Office, the deadline will be the previous business day.
Reservation is available from 330 days prior to the departure date of your itinerary's final returning flight sector.
For details regarding how to request and receive awards, click here

Deadline for waitlists for awards shall be 7 days prior to departure date. If the award arrangement is not completed by the deadline, the whole itinerary including a confirmed flight will be cancelled and the award request will become ineffective. When applications are made within 7 days prior to departure date, waitlists are not accepted.

  • * Waitlist of Japan domestic flight sectors are not allowed.
  • * Waitlist application may be closed in certain international flights.

Reminders for Award Application

  • · At the time of making reservations, you must already have in your JMB account the total amount of mileage that is needed for the award, otherwise you cannot make a reservation.
  • · All flights must be confirmed in order to issue an award. Award tickets for open itineraries cannot be issued. Mileage will be redeemed by the Award Reservations Desk immediately at the time all flights have been confirmed and necessary arrangements on award issuance will be started.
  • * Waitlists are not permitted for Japan domestic sectors included in JAL international award tickets. Waitlist application may be closed in certain international flights. Priority waitlisting for JMB Award reservations will apply to JMB FLY ON status members and JAL Global Club members.
  • * "JALCARD International Award Ticket Standard Mileage" and "JALCARD International Award Ticket Discount Mileage" award tickets are only eligible through JALWEB site.
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