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Other Information


You can only enroll to JMB as a member of the region of the country in which you currently reside.
For security reasons, awards and JMB correspondences will be sent to your registered JMB address only. Please register your current address.
You cannot register a travel agent's address.

  • * JMB is not available in some countries. Please see the following for JMB participating countries.

【Membership Jurisdiction and Eligible Countries】

  • * Regional variations exist.
Japan Region Those living in Japan
American Region Those living in North America and Hawaii, Central America, South America
Europe/Middle East/
Africa Region
Those living in Europe, Middle East (West of Iran), Africa
Asia/Oceania Region Those living in China (including Hong Kong and Macao), Asia, Oceania Countries, Guam and Saipan
Where to contact when you move

The same JMB membership number can be used after your move.

【JAL Family Club member/ JALCARD holder】

JALCARD member (including JALCARD holder as well as JAL Family Club member) * Please register your new address through the JAL CARD website (JALCARD MEMBER'S ROOM Japanese only), or please contact the JALCARD Customer Service Center after you have moved to your new address.
JAL Family Club member (excluding JAL CARD holder) Please register your new address through the JAL Family Club website (JAL Family Club online) after you have moved to your new address.
  • * However, if you are a JAL Family Club member as well as  JALCARD holder, and you are repatriating to Japan, please register your new address through the JAL Family Club website (JAL Family Club online).


JAL CARD Customer Service Center
9:00-18:00 (Japan time) daily, except Saturdays and Sundays, Public Holidays and Year End and New Year Holidays
JAL CARD Homepage : only)

【JMB Member】

If you move within a JMB region Please register your new address through JAL's website* or contact the JMB center.
If you move between JMB regions Please contact the JMB center in your region of residence, after you have moved to your new address.
  • * There may be cases which cannot be handled.
For reporting lost or stolen cards
When you lose your
JMB Card
Please contact the JMB Center
We will re-issue your card.
When you lose your
Please contact the partnered credit card company and report to the police.
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