For JMB overseas region members Narita / Haneda Taxi Coupon Award

This award is no longer available as of June 30, 2015.
Taxi coupons will be valid for one year after mileage redemption.

Award outline

10,000 miles can be exchanged for coupons which can be used for taxi charge to and from the airport.
●This service is only available for taxi to and from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.

Coupon validity

Coupons can be used for a year from mileage redemption date (award issuance date).
(ex. If issued on October 5, 2012, valid until October 5, 2013.)
*Please make sure to use within the validity period. In case of expiry, everything will be invalid. Also, we will not reissue.

Mileage required for redemption

Per 10,000 miles, exchange to taxi coupons worth \15,000 (\5,000 x 3) for every 10,000 miles

Taxi company

Tokyo MK Corporation

Application reception and how to use

Step 1. Please call JMB Center in your region. We will redeem your mileage.
Step 2. Please book a taxi. (Please refer to Taxi reservations for how to make reservations.)
Step 3. "Taxi Coupon" will be sent to your registered address overseas.

Award receipt

You will receive the award 2 weeks after application.*
*Depending on postal circumstances in your region, it may take more than 2 weeks.

Taxi reservation

<How to make reservations>
For reservations, please call Tokyo MK Call Center, or register as a web member on the website (no charge) and send a reservation sheet.

*Application deadline is 3 days prior to the day of use.
[Where to apply]
(1) WEB reservation form (URL)
(2) Tokyo MK Call Center 03-5547-5551 (open 24 hours)

  • *Please mention/enter the items below at the time of reservation.
    (When making reservations via the web, please enter the items below in the space provided.
    When making reservations via TEL, please mention that you will "use Taxi Coupon Award" to the operator.)
  • - You are using "Narita / Haneda Taxi Coupon Award".
    (When making reservations via the web, please enter "using Taxi Coupon Award" in the "Remarks column".
    When making reservations via TEL, Please mention that you will "use Taxi Coupon Award" to the operator.)
  • - Flight number (possible with flights other than JAL) and flight date, date, time and place for taxi pickup, destination
  • - Name of person using "Narita / Haneda Taxi Coupon Award"
  • - Number of people boarding the taxi
  • - Number of luggage
  • Note 1 If you don't mention the use of "Narita / Haneda Taxi Coupon Award"or you don't make reservations 3 days prior to the day of use, you cannot use this award.
  • Note 2 Please change reservations by 3 days prior to the day of use. Any other changes will be subject to a cancellation fee.


  • ●Express way toll and sticker meet service fee (\2,000/Haneda Airport, \3,000/Narita Airport) are applicable in addition to the taxi fare.
  • ●Taxi Coupon cannot be exchanged for cash or be refunded.
  • ●Change is not provided when the taxi's fare is less than the face amount on the taxi coupon.
  • ●Mileage cannot be reinstated once it is redeemed.
  • ●If you forget your taxi coupon on the day, you will be required to pay taxi fare as per usual.
    Even if you mail your taxi coupon at a later date, we cannot repay The taxi charge.
  • ●In case of loss, we will not reissue your taxi coupon.
  • ●If you do not use the taxi after booking, the terms of Tokyo MK Corporation will apply.
  • ●Please notify Tokyo MK Call Center if your flight is delayed or cancelled.
    Tokyo MK Call Center
    03-5547-5551 (open 24 hours)

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