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About Okinawa Islands

Okinawa (沖縄) is Japan's southernmost prefecture which comprises hundreds of islands with its capital and transport hub in Naha.Well known for its subtropical climate, beautiful coral reefs, home to a rich variety of marine wildlife and the unique Ryukyuan culture, Okinawa provides travelers distinctly different forms of enjoyable experiences from those in mainland Japan.With wide domestic network in Japan, JAL and its subsidiary JTA (Japan Transocean Air) operate over a hundred of scheduled flights between Okinawa islands and the major cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.As one of the privileges to fly with us, JAL passengers are invited to enjoy an array of attractive rewards, called Chura Navi Offer, at our selected shops, restaurants, sightseeing activities in Okinawa.

JAL Flyer's Reward

Simple steps to get the offer For PC user → Check out your favorite offer → Print out the offer page → Show the print-out and JAL boarding pass/eticket to the show → Price Off. For smartphone user → Check out your favorite offer on  mobile site → Take a screenshot of the offer page (How to) → Show the screenshot and JAL boarding pass/eticket to the shop

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This page will open in a new window Special Feature OKINAWA Welcom to Okinawa, the Paradise of Japan! This page will open in a new window JAL Japan Explorer Pass JPY10,800 Per Flight Within Japan

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Regarding itineraries departing from Canada

Please note that itineraries departing from Canada will be settled in Canadian Dollars (CAD).


To Kyoto from Kanasai Airport

Train Transportation
To/From Kansai (KIX) - Kyoto


Check-in is necessary to board the train.
Passengers must use the web check-in function in advance.

Check In URL:This page will open in a new window
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Web check-in is available 72 hours prior to the departure of the train.


Web purchase is only available for adults only. Please call our call center for Child, Infant reservations.


JAL checked baggage will not be automatically transferred to HARUKA or to the final destination.
Customers must collect their own luggage at the airport baggage area before boarding the train.

Other conditions

* HARUKA rail tickets are for non-reserved seating in the non-reserved section of the train. Should the desired train be sold out, customers may either wait for the next train or board without a seat. (standing room only)
* HARUKA rail tickets cannot be changed to a “Green Seat” or a reserved seat at the JR Station.
* If a customer decides to make a stopover prior to reaching the destination (Kyoto Station or Kansai Airport), the rail ticket will no longer be valid and a new ticket will need to be purchased to continue the journey. Should a customer travel beyond the purchased destination, the difference in fare will be collected at the final station based on JR’s fare calculation rule.
* HARUKA rail tickets are valid for boarding at Kyoto or Kansai Stations only.
* For customers arriving into Kyoto Station via JR lines to connect to the HARUKA bound for Kansai Station, it will be necessary to present the pre-printed HARUKA boarding pass at the manned ticket gate.



Departure Date
Return Date

Premium Economy Schedule

From the continental U.S.

To/From Narita (NRT)

New York - Narita(JL003/JL004)
Boston - Narita(JL007/JL008)
Chicago - Narita(JL009/JL010)
Dallas/Fort Worth - Narita(JL011/JL012)
Los Angeles - Narita(JL061/JL062)

To/From Haneda (HND)

San Francisco – Haneda(JL001/JL002)
New York - Haneda(JL005/JL006)

To/From Honolulu

Honolulu – Narita(JL781/JL782/JL789/JL780/JL8781/JL8782)
Honolulu – Osaka(JL791/JL792)
Honolulu – Nagoya(JL793/JL794)

Within Asia

To/From Narita (NRT)

Narita – Jakarta(JL725/JL726)
Narita – Hanoi(JL751/JL752)
Narita – Delhi(JL749/JL740)

To/From Haneda (HND)

Haneda – Hong Kong(JL029/JL026)
Haneda – Bangkok(JL034/JL033/JL032/JL031)
Haneda – Singapore(JL037/JL036)

※Schedule and aircraft subject to change without notice.


Please be advised that Premium Economy Class is only available for flights listed on this page. If your reservation includes other routes, please note that Economy class service will be provided.


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