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The Autumn Foliage Front
The Autumn Foliage Front
70% of Japanese landmass consists of mountains. As a result, much of these areas are covered in trees meaning the autumn foliage is particularly beautiful the deeper into the hills you go. Moving in the opposite direction to the cherry blossom front of springtime, The Autumn Foliage Front begins in Hokkaido where winter's chill arrives first and slowly descends southwards. The best time for viewing the foliage in the Kanto area is around mid November.
The Autumn Foliage Front
River Boating and Autumn Foliage (Kyoto)
River Boating and Autumn Foliage (Kyoto)
River Boating and Autumn Foliage (Kyoto)
Autumn foliage can be enjoyed on both banks of the Hozugawa River while floating downstream in small boats steered by watermen.
Lake Ashinoko and Autumn Foliage (Kanagawa)
Visitors to Lake Ashinoko can enjoy the views of the surrounding hills either on a cruise boat or from higher up in a cable car.
Oirase (Aomori)
Both the season of fresh green leaves and the
coming of the autumn colors can be enjoyed in this area as one soaks in one of the many hot springs in the area.
Autumn in Akiyoshidai (Yamaguchi)
The geology on the Akiyoshidai plateau consists primarily of limestone rocks with the inevitable and resulting limestone caves being found in the area too. The scenery of wild autumn surrounding the dots of white limestone protruding from the ground produces an image not dissimilar to that of grazing sheep and is most beautiful.
Autumn in Lake Mashuko (Hokkaido)
Lake Ashinoko and Autumn Foliage (Kanagawa) Autumn in Akiyoshidai (Yamaguchi)
Oirase (Aomori) Autumn in Lake Mashuko (Hokkaido)
JAL Otobutai JAL Otobutai JAL Otobutai
JAL Otobutai JAL Otobutai JAL Otobutai
"JAL Otobutai" is a phenomenal musical event based on the concept of East meets West, featuring prominent artists from around the world and Japan. Here at Otobutai (literally - sound stage) the two worlds come together to express a uniquely culture created through outdoor performances in the setting of Kyoto's ancient and majestic temples, whose histories span a thousand years or more. Dramatic lighting enhances the unique settings.
JAL Otobutai
Gardening Shops
To the Japanese, the art of bonsai is not just the growing of small trees in small containers but is an art to express their understanding of nature and life. By giving essential care to their beloved bonsai, pruning branches and roots, training the branches and cutting back new growth, bonsai artists create bonsai that will last for hundreds of years.
Megastores selling all kinds of gardening materials and equipment, showing just how much this hobby has spread throughout Japan, have opened in large numbers in recent years.
Families garden according to the size of their gardens but recently many apartment dwellers have also begun to take a fancy to gardening on their verandas and in miniature gardens established as a new post retirement hobby.
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