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Snow Festival Shirakawa-go and Gokayama Introducing the "View Package"
Towadako Fuyu Monogatari
Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama
Age-old houses that reaches 14m from the ground to the rooftop with a capacity to accommodate 40 to 50 people at one time dot the mountainous region. Most of the structures are said to have been constructed in the latter 18th century.
Introducing the "View Package"
Tancho Cranes Ski Introducing the "View Package"
Kamakura (Yokote/Akita) Ski
Introducing the "View Package"
There are inexpensive snow and beginner ski tours using the bullet train nowadays. You hop on the bullet train with no particular ski preparations completed, rent all the equipment you need at your destination, enjoy skiing the entire day and hop back on the train bound for Tokyo. (Echigo Yuzawa and Karuizawa are particularly known for their welcoming of tourists in the snow season) winter excursion in eastern Hokkaido.
Tokachi Plain and Hot Air Balloons Ski
Snow Festival
Snow festivals are popular in many areas in addition to the famed Sapporo festival and most of them are held in January and February, when snow accumulation is at its peak.
Towadako Fuyu Monogatari
(Snow Festival)

Live performances of the Tsugaru shamisen (a banjolike instrument), dances of the Nebuta Festival, fireworks, snow sculptures and much more can be enjoyed during this three week long February festival around the shores of Lake Towadako.
Tancho Cranes
Kamakura (Yokote/Akita)
In the winter, children make snow domes that can reach around 2 meters in height in order to enshrine the water deity. Charcoal braziers are brought in and local children heat up rice cakes and sweet sake on them. Kamakuras for use by tourists are also built.
Tokachi Plain and Hot Air Balloons
Drifting Ice Boat
Drifting Ice Boat
In the winter, ice from the Eurasian continent comes drifting towards the northernmost Japanese shore and the sea becomes a plain of white sea ice. Tourists enjoy ice-boat rides and frequent encounters with wild animals such as the spotted seal, the great eagle, the ojiro eagle are common. The drifting ice boats are a popular winter excursion in eastern Hokkaido.
Izu Kusatsu
Izu, Hakone: Izu and Hakone are located a comfortable yet not too troubling distance from Tokyo and have been popular spa resorts since the old days.
Kusatsu: Being situated on a chain of volcanoes, Japan has many natural hot springs. Going on a spa trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax for a while has been popular since time immemorial.
Beppu: Beppu is one of the major spa resorts in Kyushu.
O-edo Onsen Monogatari: This is a multi-function public bath situated in the ultra-modern Tokyo Bay area. You can pretend to be an Edo citizen of old by soaking in the hot water and walking around "town" in a yukata. There is also a large hall where you can enjoy live stage shows while lying on tatami mats. Beauty treatment and dining facilities are also available and for those with a pooch there is even a spa that will cater to your beloved canine friend.
Dogo: A large, three-storied wooden bath house remains as a major tourist attraction in the Dogo Spa Resort on the island of Shikoku. Visitors soak in the hot springs and later on relax on the second floor of the building, drinking tea.
Foot Baths: You don't always have to take off your clothes to enjoy a hot spring. Simply soaking your feet in these medicinal waters can bring about some of the day's most relaxing moments.
Sento (Public Baths): Ordinary city folk without baths in their homes still come to public baths even if they are not natural spas. Public baths today are equipped with dry saunas and massage machines, and for many people who think their own home baths are too small, sento are a place to visit and experience the joys of a spa trip without going too far from home.
Hakodate(Reserved outdoor hot spring bathing): Outdoor hot springs are very popular for the relaxing effect that soaks in warm water at the same time as providing the opportunity to breath in fresh air. Guests usually soak in the bathtub together but more expensive inns offering private outdoor spas in their rooms have recently emerged.
Hakodate(Reserved outdoor hot spring bathing) Sento (Public Baths)
O-edo Onsen Monogatari
Foot Baths

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